Ben & Kev Kutz💈✂️

So while living out here in England during this time of quarantine, myself and the people I work with have been left with no barber like many others out there. My boy and I came up with the idea to buy stuff to cut hair and just start doing it ourselves. We hit up amazon... Continue Reading →

4k video x 2011 MacBook Pro

Since I want to begin making more videos starting this summer I had to test out the 4k editing capabilities of my MacBook pro that I bought in January 2012. I honestly can't believe I've had the same laptop since then, I do take great care of my possessions so it makes sense. Also my... Continue Reading →

New camera, less excuses?

After 10 years of great service by my Canon EOS T1i, I finally bought a more travel friendly replacement. Not that my Canon died, just that I needed something more capable and more carry-on friendly. After a lot of research I was between the Canon M50 and the Sony a6xxx series. Ultimately I ended up... Continue Reading →


My boy Albert and I threw together some last minute plans to snowboard at Northstar California Resort on Friday December 6th. I had rode Mt Rose a week earlier but this was both of our first actual rides of the 2019-2020 season. And unfortunately it would be my last since I won't be around for... Continue Reading →

Philippines |Summer 2018

Initially I wanted to make two Japan trips in 2018 but I changed it up and wanted to try something new (aka needed a cheaper option) . I had always wanted to travel the Philippines and I was living close by in South Korea so I went with that. I decided to do 6 days... Continue Reading →

organize & enjoy

After blogging sporadically for about 10 years, I have decided to create this new blog so I can bring all of my content to one location. Mostly for myself to reflect on my life journey and for my family and friends to keep up with my activities and adventures. Please, stay tuned as I hope... Continue Reading →

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