New camera gear!

I recently ordered a few new things for my camera and I’m pretty excited. I got a new tripod, a gimbal, microphone and lens filter via amazon. The tripod I got is from MACTREM here . This is the ND filter from K&F here . The gimbal by Zhiyun here . The ring light by Neewer here . And the microphone by Rode here .

After watching a few youtube videos I decided to get the Zhiyun Crane M2. So far I am pretty impressed with everything, I have never used a gimbal before so learning to balance took some time. It was pretty confusing at first because the gimbal rotates on a few different axis. I think my Sony a6400 is almost too big for the gimbal but it still works. Theres a bunch of different modes but I haven’t really dove in too deep yet. I know it will work great with my gopros and phone so that’s nice.

The rode Video Micro is pretty nice but since it mounts on the hot shoe when the screen is flipped in selfie mode the screen is blocked. Which isn’t too bad but I plan on getting a small rig with two cold shoes whenever they come back in stock. I can immediately tell a difference in sound quality with the microphone compared to the onboard mic. I look forward to trying it out in some windy situations.

I originally wanted a ring light for better lighting while cutting hair but it also works as a good studio light. Years ago I used umbrellas, flashes and triggers for fill lighting but now I can use this ring light for photo and video which is cool. I got the Neewer 18″ ring light with the stand and diffusers. It has a dim dial so you can fine tune the brightness. So far it is great, the stand is kind wobbly but its not bad for the price.

The tripod I got seems okay, there isn’t a handle on the head which is kinda weird but it still moves smoothly with the camera attached. Also the quick release mount isn’t really “quick.”




The ND filter I got works well I think, I never used one before so I don’t really know what to compare it to.

Anyways, I made a little test video trying out all the new items. This was shot at my house and I didn’t plan anything out. Enjoy and let me know what you think!




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