cafe NAMS | osaka

I recently came across this place on instagram and thought it looked really nice! I figured since I am still on summer vacation I might as well visit. The location really surprised me, as it wasn't in a popular area. I planned on getting exterior/interior shots but I wanted to do that after the meal.... Continue Reading →

san francisco street photography

After finishing up an appointment in San Francisco, I had a bit of free time before meeting up with a friend so I took a stab at some street photography. Definitely not my comfort zone but I have to try to get better! All the photos were taken vertically except this one, it was too... Continue Reading →

My new 10 gallon tank!

I used to have a bunch of tanks years ago but I'm constantly on the go and don't have much time to take care of them. But recently I put together a setup because I want to have shrimp again so bad. I always wanted a frameless tank so I got a waterbox 10 gallon... Continue Reading →

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