Evening in SF

For my mothers birthday I took her and my little brothers out to SF to have a bit of fun. Really wanted to get out there earlier in the day to walk around the Japanese Tea Garden but didn’t get to it.

The first thing we did was got food and after some quick yelp searching we made our way to Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers. We had to circle the block a couple times to find parking but it was worth it. We planned on taking to go but as we were ordering a table opened up. The place seemed pretty clean and welcoming with an expansive menu.

I got the BBQ Burger, fries & onion rings, a great combo. I probably should have ordered a milkshake to get the full experience but I was getting boba after. The burger was cooked perfectly and at first it looked way too big to eat but the buns compressed nicely and wasn’t too much. The patty was cooked to medium well like I asked for, the cheese, bacon, bbq sauce and onions were all super tasty! The fries were super crispy with the right thickness and the onion rings had the right amount of crunch.

I feel like the guy who took our order was maybe the owner because he seemed very invested in making sure everyone was enjoying themselves and even took our trash for us.

Side note: I was worried about the condition of the bathroom but its pretty clean and has street art on the walls.

After having that amazing burger experience we went to get some boba. My last attempt to hit up this spot was quickly ended when I went to order and they said they were out of pearls. There was no way I was going to order milk tea with no pearls. I mean I am milkteaman right?? But on this visit they did have pearls!

The spot is called Honey Bear Boba and I have been wanting to try it since it is co-owned by one of my favorite rappers Larry June aye aye aye🍊

I forget exactly what I ordered since I’m a little late to writing this post but it was enjoyable!

I swear I’m going to make my own milk tea with boba sometime soon! Especially since I found out my local grocery store has tapioca flour, which was a surprise to me.

We went to walk around the Conservatory of Flowers to burn off some of those calories and enjoy the scenery.

It would be nice to come back here to check everything out while the whole place is open.

The next destination was Golden Gate Bridge. I have always wanted to visit this particular spot but never really got around to it. Fort Point National Historic Site was the location I put in my GPS and it was the exact spot I had been wanting to visit. The view was beautiful when we got there with just the right amount of fog.

I had to get some nice pics of my car while there.

And a view looking back at the city with Alcatraz just out of view.

Our last location to visit as the sun was setting was the Palace of Fine Arts. It’s always really cool to walk around here, I’ve been here a decent amount of times and the history behind it is pretty cool.

After taking a lap around we got ready to head home. On the walk back to the car I got this random panning shot.

We wanted to hit up Ghiradelli Square but when we got there it was super packed so we skipped on that. Lombard street also had a bunch of traffic so we passed on that as well. It wasn’t a bad few hours spent in the city, seemed like a lot done for the short amount of time we had.

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