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I recently came across this place on instagram and thought it looked really nice! I figured since I am still on summer vacation I might as well visit. The location really surprised me, as it wasn’t in a popular area. I planned on getting exterior/interior shots but I wanted to do that after the meal. But things didn’t go as planned. When I walked in, I wasn’t sure what to order and the menu had no pictures but the girl at the counter was able to help me. In Japanese I told the girl I wanted to order a good looking cold drink and some food. Out of all the recommended food items I picked the worst option. I’ll explain why in a moment.

cafe NAMS instagram link

Upon walking in, I immediately felt kind of weird because it was all girls inside, with the exception of a couple guys there with their significant other. I think that’s how it must feel when a girl goes to the free weight section of the gym when it’s only men around. Maybe! I don’t know. Anyways, I went upstairs and found the last table available for me to sit at, I got my camera out, set the white balance and waited. A few moments later a waiter came by and gave me a fork an knife, which was quite confusing considering I ordered a sandwich.

I felt like I was picking this place apart but there were little details that I found odd compared to how aesthetic the place was. For starters, this number placard seemed out of place, but not a big deal.

Then the food and drink came out, the waitress that brought out the coffee poured the milk in on the spot and it was pretty cool, would have made for a cool photo but I didn’t have time to ask if a photo was okay.

It was really cool to watch the milk slowly pour down the inside walls of the glass.

To offset the weirdness of the number placard, I thought this chrome coaster was pretty sick! Hard to capture in a photo but a sweet coaster nontheless.

Now for the interesting part, the bulgogi and egg sandwich. The concept sounded cool and I love sandwiches so why not?

When I tried to pick up and eat the sandwich it became apparent why they gave me a fork and knife… The bulgogi had drenched the bottom piece bread so it was impossible to eat by hand. But to make matters worse, the supplied knife was so dull and the bread was not nearly toasted enough, so it was annoying to eat. I managed to get through the first half but I felt like an idiot the whole time.

For the next issue, I have no idea why this bothered me so much, maybe it was just a combination of everything but the coffee straw was way too long for the cup. It felt so weird to drink lol. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to use the straw with this drink?

For a few minutes I stared off into the distance and tried to convince myself to finish the meal but I couldn’t. I made an attempt to finish the sandwich but it wasn’t worth the effort, and I didn’t want to touch that straw again. I felt horrible but I just couldn’t finish everything, this hardly ever happens. I packed up my things slowly, pushed everything to the center of the table and left without taking any more photos. The meal was a good price at 1750Y, I want to visit again and order something different because I really do like the place.

Attempt 2!

I was finally able to give this place another shot and this time I brought backup with me! This time I was able to get some photos of the exterior and interior. The building looks really cool as you walk up to it, it’s just a shame that the parking sign is such an eyesore.

The entrance has a really cool barn door which feels like you’re entering a secret club or something haha.

After you walk in, you place your order at this counter, an iPad photo album menu is available but it is poorly executed in my opinion. I learned from my mistake last time of ordering food, so this time I ordered the same coffee but paired with a baked cheesecake.

Here’s another look of the 1st floor seating, this place has such a cool aesthetic.

On the way up to the second floor, there is a small furniture gallery, random but cool.

Shortly after we sat down, the coffee came out, this time I was able to get a photo of the milk being poured.

When the cheesecake came out I was shocked by how tiny the piece was! I mean, just look at how small it looks compared to the coffees.

The taste of the cheesecake was chesecakey, so that was good.

It’s funny, some people next to us ordered the same tragedy sandwich that I ordered last time, I wanted to watch them struggle with it but I forgot lol.

This second attempt was a soft fail I believe, but not by fault of the cafe, I think it’s just not for me. The place seems to be more geared towards making a trendy instagram post versus having a quality experience. In my mind I thought I would enjoy the place based on the aesthetic, music and ambiance. But sadly, I didn’t. But hey I gave it a shot! That’s what counts.

In my blogs & vlogs, I will never give fake energy or inflated/biased reviews, just pure honesty, which may not be appealing to some, but that’s perfectly fine.

As always, thanks for reading!

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