cafe NAMS | osaka

I recently came across this place on instagram and thought it looked really nice! I figured since I am still on summer vacation I might as well visit. The location really surprised me, as it wasn't in a popular area. I planned on getting exterior/interior shots but I wanted to do that after the meal.... Continue Reading →

A weekend in: Fukuoka, Japan

Recently I took a random weekend trip to an area in Japan which I have never visited before. I have heard of this place but never looked into it that much, I did some quick youtube research of the area then booked my flight and airbnb. I would be flying from Kansai International (KIX) to... Continue Reading →

Nature Aquarium Exhibition 2022 | Osaka I saw this event poster either on my phone or in the subway station not too long ago and once I found out it was going to be held in my area I knew I HAD to go. I looooove aquascapes and planted tanks so this was huge for me. During my summer... Continue Reading →

Paid to eat curry?!

Recently a buddy of mine sent me a survey link that was for people to taste curry and write a review based on their findings. It pays 4,000 yen, roughly $29 so I thought why not! I submitted an application and it was approved within a day or so, the company called me and my... Continue Reading →

osaka street photography

I have finally made it to Japan and currently I'm staying in an airbnb while I get settled and look for an apartment. Last night I went out to take some photos. I'm using my macbook right now since I don't have my pc with me yet. I'm super glad that I have kept my... Continue Reading →

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