my new car in japan: 2000 toyota altezza

I still can’t believe this happened, even though it’s not anything that impressive. My first weekend in Japan after moving here I met Jordan from Tweed Auto, in conversation I had mentioned that I wanted to buy a cheap daily driver at some point. He then offered me this car at a really good price, it’s crazy because I’ve wanted one of these cars for so many years, well the US version at least. But this Japanese version is way better because it has a 6 speed manual transmission and a better motor as usual. Luckily Jordan let me put a deposit to hold the car since I was shelling out money for my house in California the first few months after moving to Japan. During my fall school break I was able to get the rest of the paperwork done in order to pick up the car. Man, registering a car in Japan is a crazy task and even more difficult when you can’t speak much japanese haha. I have the car now, but I still have to do a ownership transfer and get new plates. I just wanted to make this initial post while the car is in it’s goofy form so I can document it’s progress accordingly.

This is my “daily”, let’s see how long it will stay that way. With that being said, I already have wheels on order… I’ll also have to repaint it at some point since the clear coat has failed in multiple areas, but that’s no big deal. The car is all stock except for a shift knob, exhaust, and old head unit. The perfect platform to build on. With my years of experience building cars, I’ll know how to precisely execute every modification on this car. Hopefully!

Okay, here’s the pictures to show how the car looks now.

I’m already accumulating a laundry list of things to fix/upgrade around the car. But just very basic things like oil change/fluids check, bushings check, headlight/fog restoration, LED lighting conversion, suspension/brakes, steering wheel, and audio.

Alright, now let’s see if I can get this thing put in my name tomorrow after school and get new plates!

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