A weekend in: Fukuoka, Japan

Recently I took a random weekend trip to an area in Japan which I have never visited before. I have heard of this place but never looked into it that much, I did some quick youtube research of the area then booked my flight and airbnb. I would be flying from Kansai International (KIX) to Fukuoka Airport (FUK). Yes, that is really the airport code and I love it lol. On the morning of my flight I was trying to time my hourish train ride perfectly so I would get to the airport right on time. But per usual, this is where things get spicy. I also decided to pack crazy light for this trip, just toiletries, some clothes and my camera then I was on my way.

disclaimer: this is a long post so get comfy

Day 1

Whenever I pass these apartment buildings on my walk to the train station I always want to stop and take a photo, the rice smells so good, as weird as that sounds haha.

If I can remember correctly I had to make a couple transfers to get to the airport, this was the first train I got on. I used to be super intimidated by japan subway stations but I’m slowly getting more comfortable as time goes by.

Alright boom, then I got to tennoji station to wait for the train to KIX, still with a good amount of time to make it in time, or so I thought…

Recently I’ve become kind of obsessed with this drink, I refer to them as “sweaty boys” don’t ask why. #sus

To increase the sus levels, the train pulled up looking like this. OMG めっちゃかわいいね!(very cute isn’t it!)

On the train some ticket checker dude came around and I guess I was in the reserved seating car, so I had to pay an extra 600¥ or so then move, I don’t truly understand the reason but oh well.

Anyways, I arrived at KIX with a verrrryyyy little amount of time to make it to the terminal.

I had totally forgot that the peach airlines terminal is in it’s own little location, which is only accessible by car/shuttle. But it took me about 15-20 minutes to figure this out, so by the time I got on the shuttle the check in process had already ended. The attendant told me I could just take the next flight, okay no problem right? My flight was scheduled for 9:55am and the next available flight wasn’t until 4pm… Reasons like this is why I love to travel alone, because when these things happen I just laugh about it, but I would feel horrible if somebody else had to endure this kind of thing with me. After some quick research I decided to just take the bullet train, because who doesn’t love burning moniez for funiez.

It was my first bullet train experience, so that was kind of exciting. That thing had some serious speed!

There was a ton of cool views along the way but it was tough to snap some good pics.

After a couple of hours, I arrived at Hakata station in Fukuoka.

It was luckily only about a 10ish minute stroll to my airbnb and the weather was perfect.

This was my airbnb (listing link here)

After chilling for a sec, I looked up a decent spot to get some hakata ramen then headed out.

I ordered the recommended ramen and gyoza, it was pretty good but I gotta be honest, ramen isn’t really my fav in general. I’m not a fan of the thin noodles, udon is more my speed.

After eating I wandered around for a bit I realized a place called Ōhori Park (大濠公園) was nearby, I had seen this park on AbroadInJapan’s video of Fukuoka. It was almost sunset so I figured it would be a cool place to check out around that time.

On my walk to the park I saw this really nice industrial modern type building nestled between some trees. I would love to have a house that looks like this, on a smaller scale of course, or at least have most of it be garage space 😉

As I approached the massive park I was greeted by this view. The park is breathtaking in person and it’s very difficult to capture that aspect on camera.

Recently I saw a tiktok that showed sunflowers facing away from the sun so it made me crack up when I saw these sunflowers facing away from the sun. Is that how they are supposed to be?

Walking around this lake was very peaceful, there was a ton of people jogging and I wish I could have joined but I wasn’t prepared. Walking was just fine for me.

There is a bridge that allows you to walk to this island formation in the center of the lake.

This pier was on the island.

As I completed a full lap around the lake it started to get dark.

Fukuoka is famous I think for 屋台(yatai) which are little pop up food stalls, I had also seen these on the AbroadInJapan video so I wanted to check em out. There was a lot of options so I had a hard time choosing one, I was also pretty nervous since my Japanese speaking ability is pretty low.

Here’s a couple things I saw while looking for a good spot to grab food.

After indecisively walking around for a while, I finally told myself I would stop at the next stall I came across!

So I just sat down here and asked the guy for his recommendations.

Poured up a nice cold glass of confidence, I don’t really like drinking but when I drink I’m much more confident speaking japanese.

I don’t remember what all the food was called, but you can pretty much guess by just looking at it.

These other customers started talking to me in both japanese and english, so that was pretty cool.

After eating a drinking a bit I paid my bill then started to head home since I was pretty tired. I saw a few cars along the way, not exactly the type of cars I’d like to see, but it wasn’t bad.

Day 2

The next morning I wanted to visit a nice cafe to get the day started and while searching for coffee, this name popped up! (FUK COFFEE) It was about a 20 minute walk but I HAD to go, the area is under heavy construction so I wasn’t able to get a nice outdoor shot of the place but the inside was really nice given the small space.

I just ordered a simple coffee and cheesecake, such a perfect combo, I don’t think I have ever had them together before. The rich creaminess of the cheesecake went amazing with the hot and slightly bitter sensation of the coffee. Each bite-and-sip combo was a joy.

I bought a cup and some stickers as a souvenir, the name is just too great haha.

Next I made my way to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine (太宰府天満宮)

This was probably the most unique starbucks I have ever seen.

The following pics are from inside the temple, I don’t know much about anything so just enjoy the pics haha.

Of all things, I thought this was super cool, the deck is built around this tree!

The next area I walked into had a ton of these wind chimes, called 風鈴(fuurin), the wind was just right to produce a nice and relaxing melody. If you’re curious how they sound check out this video.

On to the next area.

水みくじ(water fortune slip) I don’t know the method involved, but there was a paper fortune slip that was submerged in water to reveal the message. It was cool to watch at least, maybe someday I can try it out when I understand the meaning.

I simply love koi fish! They always bring out the inner child in me.

More fortune type things I assume? Forgive me for not knowing.

Of all the views in this place, this view looking our from the bathroom entrance was probably my favorite. The contrast is so nice and everything seems to line up perfectly. Even the fallen leaves look like they were carefully placed.

When I went to check out the other areas, I noticed this family feeding the fish, birds and turtles. Naturally I wanted to join in on the fun so I asked where they bought the feed, they pointed into the direction and I immediately went that way after thanking them.

Only 50¥($0.35) for a stick of bread, super cheap for the amount of fun you can have feeding the animals.

It’s always funny hearing the koi suck the food off the surface. Ayo…?

While feeding the fish, some kids were watching me, so I gave them the rest of the feed so they could have some fun. The mom asked why they were feeding the fish and the kids told their mom that I gave it to them haha. They were very thankful.

The last pic in the temple is one of my go-to fav pics, underbelly shot of some leaves. I like these pics because I feel like I can really capture the feeling of that moment. Doesn’t make sense when I type it, but in my head it made sense. Sorry not sorry.

On the street leading up to the temple there was a ton of souvenir and food shops. I let the foodie in me live a bit and bought some treats.

First up was some red bean thinger, there was a lot of people lining up so it had to be good right? It was super cheap too, I think one piece for 150¥.

The snack was insanely hot, but once it cooled down to an safely edible temperature I ate it. YUM.

Next on the menu was some plum ice cream. It was a nice and tarty flavor.

The next treat isn’t really what I expected to see in the area, but it had been so long since I’ve last had one I had to buy it. Pork belly bao.

Really good taste, but my favorite place to get pork belly bao is at this old place in San Jose, CA called Konjoe.

After finishing my little snack tour I walked around a bit then made my way back to the station so I could head to the next destination.

For some reason there was some type of delay on the train line so I ended up walking quite a bit to a different train line. In front of that different station I saw this S15 with the rare orange seats, the owner was sitting inside so I asked if I could take some pics. We had a short conversation about nissan silvias and how high the prices are now. I mentioned that I have a S13 at ebisu and he was telling me how he took this S15 there some time ago.

I had to take the train and bus to get to this next spot.

I made a mistake reading the map and got off the bus one stop too early, but it was nice out so I didn’d mind the walk.

The sun was going down and had the sky looking very pretty!

And boom, there it is, Fukuoka Tower!

I went inside and went to the top to watch the sunset, I think watching the sunset is one of my free joys.

After the sun went down, I made my way back to the local area of my airbnb so I could find a food stall.

It’s super hard for me to choose a place lol

I stopped to read the menu at one spot and they asked me to join them so I did. Everyone there was so kind! We all chatted and laughed together, they bought me a few things to eat as well. I tried to return the favor but they wouldn’t let me lol.

Group photo!

Next a few of us went to a bar for a couple more drinks before calling it a night.

Day 3

I took this day pretty slow since I drank so much the night before, but I also wanted to make sure I got to the airport at a decent time haha. At this point I realized I had no pics of the airbnb so I snapped one real quick before I left.

After checking out I pretty much went straight to the airport. Side note, the airbnb host was so kind and her son was so cute and funny. In the morning he asked me who I was in japanese haha. I could have said my name but I didn’t know how to answer in the moment lol. I told the host that I had bought some ice cream but forgot to eat it, she said she would give it to her son, which made me happy .

I got to the airport with plenty of time to kill, so I explored a bit. The airport had this really cool outside viewing deck, I don’t think I’ve seen something like it at any other airport.

Before my flight I ordered a burger and boba, strange combo but it was nice. Oh yeah, food prices at the airports in Japan are reasonable, unlike in the US where it would cost $30 for this meal. I think I paid around $10?

And would you look at that, I made it onto the plane this time.

It always feels like a movie walking out of the plane like this haha, am I the only one who feels this way? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to smash that subscribe button, like the post if you enjoyed it and hit the bell so you don’t miss future updates! *sarcasm intensifies*

This was a long post! But I hope you enjoy seeing Japan from my perspective, videos coming soon!

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