Northstar California Resort Trip!

I decided to take the risk of taking my camera snowboarding so I could do a full on blog post of the day. Turns out this day wasn’t the best since it snowed super heavy. But I was still able to get a lot of decent shots all while not ruining my camera!

My boy Greg rode along with me this day and here’s my Subaru out front warming up while I run in and out of the house grabbing things I forgot.

Locked and loaded

For some reason I love grabbing gas station coffee on morning drives, even though I can make my own at home,

I tried to get some driving pics while it was still rainy but my camera kept focusing on my windshield and I wasn’t able to adjust the focus while driving. So here’s a pic when it started getting snowy.

The drive ended up taking about a hour longer due to slow speeds and traffic with the snow. But we got there just fine! This car does very well in the snow.

I really loved seeing my car covered like this. After getting suited up we made the walk to the gondola.

Checking the phone one last time in the comfort of the gondola.

These board racks getting totally covered, you don’t usually see them like this.

People getting their gear together before getting on the lift.

Had to hit the bathroom real quick before getting on the lift and here’s a peek at my essential items

In line for the line for the arrow express lift

Here’s an employee keeping the ramp clean.

The crew working hard to keep the chairs clear of snow.

Here’s the gorgeous view from the lift!

We had a fun few hours of riding, the resort closed down early since the snow was so crazy. Funny how that works huh. I didn’t get any other photos because it was super risky taking my camera out with how nutty the snow was.

When we got back down to the main part of the resort we haaaad to get some waffles. There was a dude in line with this really cool northface x supreme jacket. Ended up chatting with him for a bit.

Here’s the yummy waffle

After enjoying that snack we headed back to the car.

There was a rental car stuck in the snow so we gave them a little push to help free them. No pics of that though.

Was a pretty good day but I wish I was able to take more photos, maybe next time!

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