Homemade boba milktea

I have been wanting to try to make this for a very long time! Finally decided to try it out today, the recipe is pretty simple but a little tedious. I watched the recipe many times before trying it out and still had issues lol. Here is the recipe I followed:

Here are my ingredients laid out, not much required

First step calls out for 125g of tapioca starch

Then you have to add 10g of cocoa powder, which I tried to measure in directly but for some reason the scale wasn’t registering properly which messed it up for me later on. I think!

Then 60g of sugar to go into the pot

And 5g of tapioca starch

These last two items and water get mixed together before having heat applied

And some water to add

mix em uppp and bring them to a low boil while constantly mixing.

Then I added the dry ingredients to this mixture but I think I had too much cocoa powder so the mixture ended up being too dry to knead.

It wouldn’t hold together so I ended up making a new batch

The next batch came out perfect, I measured the cocoa powder separately to get exactly 10g and it mattered a lot.

Cut into 4 pieces

Rolled em out

Then cut them up, I should have cut them smaller!

Then rolled them into balls by hand, took so long.

Coated in a little bit of tapioca starch so they don’t stick together while boiling.

Add em to boiling water for 20 minutes and keep stirring.

They ended up growing a lot once they started cooking, too big for the straw unfortunately

But they did look perfect when finished

Once they were strained they went back into the pot where they would be cooked a second time.

Back into the pot and add 50ml of water and 35g of sugar

This is how they turned out, perfect tasting but a bit too big

Time to brew the tea, since I made two cups I brewed 400ml of tea

The recipe calls for 60g of milk powder per glass but that turned out to be waaay too much…

Here is the tea mixed with milk powder, looks way too white

Time to start filling the cups after letting the tea cool off in the fridge.

Added some ice

Spilled a bunch of tea while pouring lol

Boom done!

I think the final product came out pretty good, although the tea mixture was waaaay to milky, I think 60g for two glasses even might be a bit much. I’ll have to try making this again sometime, the boba pearls were definitely spot on taste tho! Am I finally the milkteaman!?

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