My boy Albert and I threw together some last minute plans to snowboard at Northstar California Resort on Friday December 6th. I had rode Mt Rose a week earlier but this was both of our first actual rides of the 2019-2020 season. And unfortunately it would be my last since I won’t be around for the rest of the snow season. So we knew we had to do it big but we didn’t think we would go as hard as we did! Albert drove up the night prior so he could get good sleep vs making the drive from the bay. On the way we stopped at Bubba’s Bagel for some breakfast.

We made it to resort and had an amazing day riding, we were also lucky to make it out injury free!

Please, enjoy the video I put together. I got a new camera and GoPro so I should have less excuses now…

There was a photographer there taking pics and I asked if he could take some of me. I wish I knew his website but his name is Blake and he’s a cool guy. He really made me look like I could have my own spread in a magazine lol.


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  1. I enjoy your adventures. It’s nice seeing you grow, and I’m happy to see you happy. May you stay curious, always explore, and be at peace. You inspire me. I wonder if my name will cross your mind if you guess who. I think it’d be a vibe if we cross paths again in the future. If you ever feel alone or discouraged, know that someone (me) is rooting for you always.

    P.S. Used a temp email as I do not want you to know who I am at this time in life. Fake email, but my msg to you couldn’t be realer.


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