scotts flat lake | september 2019

My last camping trip was way too long ago so I planned this 2 night trip to Scott’s Flat Lake. I had visited this place once before to check out the camp sites and the lake, it’s a decent place so I booked site 77 for a couple nights. Initially I was supposed to camp with my sister, her boyfriend, and another friend of mine but plans fell through. I set out on the trip alone which was totally fine with me because I just wanted to get out and relax. My poor Subaru was fully loaded and almost overheated a few times on the way up to the lake but it made it! I got to my site about 5pm and got everything setup before heading out to fish.

After getting setup I head out to fish the sunset bite, I had trouble with the boat engine and couldn’t get it started so I just used the trolling motor. I headed out on the water and spotted a great looking cove that I just knew had to be holding a nice bass or two. I crept silently into the cove and threw my favorite lure, the river2sea whopper plopper a few times. On the 4th cast I lazily retrieved my lure and BOOM, a big largemouth bass blew up on my lure and started to run. The fish was hooked up with both treble hooks so there was no getting away, after getting the fish in the boat I took some selfies and video for my instagram story but didn’t have my real camera on board. I would rather not use cell phone photos on this blog so just imagine a 4lb bass flopping around in the small boat pictured above.

I was super excited to catch that fish just as the sun was going down, after I released it back into the water I headed back to the boat launch to pack up. When I packed up and started to head back to camp, my dad texted me saying he was coming to hangout for a bit with one of my little bros. I prepared some rice and steak for us to enjoy and after eating and hanging out for a bit they went home.

The next morning I made some chorizo, egg and rice for breakfast before I went out to fish.

I had forgot my friend was going to come around 10am and luckily there is cell reception at the lake because as soon as I got on the water my phone rang. Two of my friends showed up with my kayaks and and their beautiful blue nose pitbull. I went back to the launch and we got together, then I took the pup with me and went out trolling for trout but after a couple hours it seemed hopeless. We ended up putting the kayaks back in the truck and we all took the boat across the lake to find a shaded place to chill and swim. After enjoying the sun and water for a little while we loaded everything up and went back to camp to have lunch. When my buddy left I wanted to go back out for a sunset bite but the boat launch was so crowded I decided to just call it a night. My dad and little brothers were heading back to hangout anyways.

This time I made rice and steak again, but accompanied with sautéed mushroom and onion and also roasted corn. I had my dad bring some more firewood and s’mores goodies for dessert. We all had a good time and after they left my friend and I got ready for bed. The next morning we couldn’t fish because the lake was hosting a triathlon so the water was off limits for obvious reasons. So we just packed up and began to cruise home. Was a great trip and hopefully I will be able to camp again soon!

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