4k video x 2011 MacBook Pro

Since I want to begin making more videos starting this summer I had to test out the 4k editing capabilities of my MacBook pro that I bought in January 2012. I honestly can’t believe I’ve had the same laptop since then, I do take great care of my possessions so it makes sense. Also my friend who used to work at Apple upgraded my RAM and hard drive to a SSD so those helped out a lot. It’s really hard to justify buying a new MacBook, especially with the price of the exact spec I want costing about $3k. I almost want to build a PC but then my editing/processing station will no longer be mobile. Buying a new MacBook would make my carry on luggage a lot lighter though!

Anyways, here’s the 4k test footage, no specific shots, just random clips.

The camera itself did great, I shot the clips in hlg and did some sort of color grading in iMovie lol. I want to buy final cut pro but I’m scared it won’t work with my current MacBook.

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