De La Hayes Café Tea Room | Cheltenham UK

De La Hayes

I have been holding off for my main British tea experience but I caved in and went to try this spot out with a friend. After getting lost for a bit at the nearby Dragonfly Maze we walked down to this spot for lunch. After getting seated and browsing the menu for a bit we ordered the Afternoon Tea for Two (20£ per person). I chose a classic earl grey as my tea and my friend chose the strawberry & raspberry. I almost wanted to order more food but it’s a good thing I didn’t cause I got pretty full and had to take some of the treats to go.

I’ve become slightly obsessed with pouring photos.

The tea treat set came with 3 different sandwiches; tuna, egg, and ham&cheese. The sandwiches were nice and airy. Also, the tuna and egg sandwiches weren’t overpowering against the taste of our teas. Moving up one level, the British scones were a plain flavor which is something I’m not super used to. But! They supplied two jars of strawberry jam that were out of this world, was definitely sweeter than I had anticipated but once I got the spread ratio right it was perfect. In the center of the dish where the scones lie was a strangely large cup of clotted cream. I thought it was crème fraîche but when I went for a scoop with my knife it was absolutely butter. The scones themselves were already buttery and crumbly so I didn’t feel the need to add more butter. Moving up to the dessert dish were some cheesecake bites, strawberry lemon cakes and chocolate swiss roll type pastries. I was too full to try to pastries after eating everything else but once I got home I gave them a try. They were all super rich and I really wish I had more tea to help wash them down.

This tea experience was okay but I am still waiting for an amazing tea experience that I hope to find somewhere in London.

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