weekend photo dump | sj+


Drove down to San Jose for the weekend and here’s a handful of photos

Seafood special for Saturday night dinner

Lavender sunset

I went to the wrong Happy Lemon but I walked out to perfect lighting for a car photo.

I got this at the “right” happy lemon

Okinawan milk tea & passionfruit green tea


Sunday morning my friend Suzie came over and we went out to Davenport to chill at the beach for a while, I made the mistake of not wearing sunscreen and I am paying for that as I type.

After we got back we jumped in the pool for a bit to cool off.

Then I met up with my boy Bryan to check out his freshly painted 240sx, looks unreal! I only had about 10 minutes to hangout because I had a shoot at 7pm, but I was able to take some decent photos in that short time.

Then I went off to my shoot in Santana Row but that will be covered in another post. Thanks for coming by!

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