First time grind & brew

I’ve never been a huge fan of coffee, but recently i’ve become interested in it so I picked up a grinder and french press from amazon. I chose these items so I can make coffee when camping, morning coffee at the campground is such a vibe. After doing some youtube research I chose the french press as my method of brewing, although I want to try chemex at some point.

For the coffee beans, my friend Art recommended the Starbucks Sumatra so that is what I bought while I waited for my blue bottle coffeee giant steps to come in.

Everything in position.

Messing around with my new lens trying to focus on the bubbles, i’ll get the hang of it.

14 grams into the stainless steel grinder ready for a couple minutes of manual grinding,

Freshly ground coffee and hot water into the french press with the timer set for 4 minutes.

After waiting for the coffee to finish I gave it a gentle press then pour.

I don’t know enough about coffee to give a lengthy review but the entire experience was enjoyable. Doing this was really easy but it made me a little proud since it was a first for me. The blue bottle coffee blend came in yesterday and I was able to have some and make a cup for Art, the taste was pleasant and Art also liked it. Now I really cannot wait to go camping and make coffee. It’s the simple things.


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