Alyssa | Santana Row, San Jose

I’m tying to step out of my comfort zone with photography and get better at portraits at the same time, so I hit up a childhood friend who has good style and I knew she would be great to work with. She’s my friends younger sister who we used to be neighbors with. I really wanted to take the photos at the beach but I didn’t have enough time for that kind of commitment since I wanted to take golden hour photos. We decided to meet at Santana Row at 7pm and just go from there. I didn’t have any shots planned, we just walked around looking for good spots. When we met up I walked past one side street and the lighting was so perfect we went to that spot first.

Gear used:

Sony a6400 w/ sigma 30mm f/1.4

Cars would drive by often so we had to be quick, I’m also trying a different editing style and it seems to turn out decent.

The next spot was a short walk away towards the parking garages, I wanted to maintain that golden hour glow.

For something different I wanted to take photos near a water fountain but while walking to the fountain this little area caught my eye. I tried using this “dangle leaves in front of lens” trick but it was tougher to pull off than it looks.

The next photos featured a cute cafe table. To me the photos came out with some sort of paparazzi feel to it.

In that last shot you can see the nice bokeh created by the sigma 30mm f/1.4

Final spot was in the couch area of the closed street.

I’m really impressed with how this lens performed with portraits even though I don’t know what I’m doing. Next time Alyssa and I are going to do some more planning and I will do more studying to get even better photos! I’ve known her for so long but I was still nervous taking photos so hopefully the more I do it the more comfortable I will be.

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