Paris | winter 2019

I took an extremely random trip to Paris while I’m currently living a couple hours west of London with a few friends. On this trip I made sure to take as many photos as possible now that I have a new camera. Hopefully I can properly document the trip in a way that is enjoyable to read.

To start off, we got a rental car in the UK because we decided to drive and take the Channel tunnel that connects the UK to France. I honestly never even knew that was a thing. We drove up to get ready to board the train at about 7:30am.

I’m always on the hunt for cool cars but on this side of the world I haven’t ran into many so here’s a nice Audi wagon at the port.

This photo is pretty self-explanatory but all the cars line up and depending on what your ticket says, you drive on at a certain time. The ride wasn’t so long, maybe 40 minutes?

After a few more hours of driving we made it to Paris! We parked the car a few minutes away from our place so I was able to take a few pics on the way.

Every street we passed I couldn’t resist taking a pic, so of course we had to strike a couple poses. The first one of my good friend Terrance, then one of myself.

So many of the buildings were so stunning I had to stop often just to admire the views. Never imagined that I would ever visit France but I’m sure glad I did.

Here’s a couple photos of the place where we stayed, it was a nice 4th floor apartment.

After we all settled in, it was time to venture out to find some food. Usually I heavily rely on yelp when choosing places to dine at when in a new location, but yelp isn’t too popular outside the US though it did have this place called Grenouilles. We took a short walk to the small shop and saw a few cool things along the way.

I didn’t realize that black E class Mercedes are used as taxis in this country, kind of funny because it is a car that I really want some day.

This stairway reminded me of Lombard Street in San Francisco, mostly because the gorgeous view after the steep incline.


I forget exactly what it was we ordered but I am sure glad they all spoke english. The food was very nice and light and the service was outstanding. I should write a review and upload my photos to yelp for them to help other foreigners who use the app.

We were super close to the Sacré-Cœur which is a Roman Catholic church that was built in 1875 and finished in 1914.

Such a nice view out over the city, even with the overcast.

Photos of the inside

When we went back outside the sun was down and it started to get chilly, and what better way to warm up than hot chocolate and hot… wine…? I never knew this was a thing but it was so soothing. The hot chocolate I got was super rich and creamy too,

After that beverage we walked back to our place and stopped in a bar to get out of the rain, which meant a couple more drinks.

Whenever the rain lightened up we continued our walk “home.”

Since it was still early when we got back, we rested for a little then Terrance and I went back out for some more food & drinks. Our walk took us past the Moulin Rouge but we didn’t go inside as it didn’t really interest us.

My new camera performs pretty well in low lit situations but I do like to try and push it to its limits.

We ended the night with a light meal. Terrance really wanted to order omlette du fromage, which was making us laugh because of an episode of Dexter’s Laboratory.

Clichy’s Tavern

Day 2

Had to start off the morning with some coffee, it just seemed right, but mostly because I wanted to play with the cool coffee machine.

Terrance and I set out on an adventure just wondering around Paris while our other friends drove to Normandy.

Our first stop was Arc de Triomphe. Just watching the cars drive around gave me anxiety but it was a pretty cool place. I tried to use a slow shutter speed to make the cars as blurry as I could but I didn’t bring a tripod or ND filter so I did my best.

Next we walked to the Eiffel Tower! Enjoy some car photos along the way~

After a pretty long walk we finally made it! Seeing the Eiffel Tower up close was unreal, theres a good amount of detail to it that you just can’t see in photos. There are a ton of people trying to sell you stuff around the area so that makes it kind of annoying but its a pretty peaceful area. These Ferarris were available for rent but I already got to enjoy driving one around Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

Terrance and I then wondered around a bit more and ended up finding this restaurant that had an amazing view of the tower between a couple of buildings, so that is where we got late brunch

Bistrot de la Tour Eiffel

The sun started to go down so we made our way to our next destination, Louvre Pyramid. On the way we did see the Institut de France.

After crossing the foot bridge we entered through Pavillon de l’Horloge which was an entirely unique experience. Just being surrounded by the dimly lit structure was unreal.

Peeking through the walkway you can see le louvre pyramid!

After taking a ton of pictures we started our foot journey back to the room. I just love the way these thin roads look in the day and especially at night.

All over Paris there are so many restaurants that have heated outdoor seating and I love it.

We stopped for a pizza on the way home and it was a really nice dining experience although ordering water was kind of confusing. When we asked for water the waiter asked us “Gas or no gas?” which really confused me haha. I didn’t know this meant carbonated water or not, luckily Terrance heard this term before so we got the no gas option lol. The pizza was great, thin flaky crust, easy to cut, and topped with an egg in the middle.

La Petite Comedie

Day 3

For my last day in Paris I met up with my friend Camille who I met while living in South Korea in 2018. She’s from the area so I am very lucky that she was able to show me around her city.

First we went by the Paris Opera while heading towards the shopping district.

I saw this pretty sharp BMW S1000RR parked in the shopping plaza and he rode by shortly after but I messed up the panning photo.

As we turned the next corner this violently bright Lamborghini caught my attention, of course I HAD to get photos.

Camille knew a perfect place where we could get avocado toast so that’s where we got late lunch!

Central Park

Next we went to Aux Merveilleux for some desserts, I didn’t get photos of the actual dessert but I’m sure there are some online.

Then before she left and I went to meet up with my friends we got coffee & tea. Here I am drinking a chai latte

On the walk back to my friends I saw this nice Audi wagon that looked like Santa’s sled.

When I met back up with my friends we went to go see what was left of Notre Dame

After all that walking we needed to give our feet a break and also fuel up. We stopped at a nice corner restaurant.

P’ere & Fils

A medium well Blue cheese burger hit the spot just right.

Just before we got “home” we stopped at a bar that was named after a Metallica singer for some beers.

While having our second round of beers I told Terrance that we should get escargot since all the places that sell macarons we closed. So on a whim I found a place with good ratings that was open until midnight. I called the Uber, which happened to be a newer C class Mercedes and we were on the way. We arrived at the restaurant at 11:04pm and when we walked inside the waiter told us “Sorry but the kitchen is closed.” That’s when Terrance saved the day and told him that we had traveled from so far just to try the escargot. The waiter sympathized with us and sat us down. We ordered 24 snails with it both being our first time trying this kind of meal and having no expectations. To our surprise the escargot was simply amazing, especially paired with a couple glasses of wine and bread to soak it all up.

It’s crazy how last minute this trip was and honestly I didn’t want to go because I’m trying to save as much as I can until June but I wasn’t sure when this opportunity would come again so I just went with it. Very glad I got to experience Paris and heres to more random adventures!


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