Galpao Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse | Walnut Creek CA

Galpao Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse

I came here with my family for my going away dinner. We had a party of 6 that dropped to 5 and we showed up pretty early, luckily the host was able to accommodate. I forget our server’s name but he was extremely attentive and polite.

The buffet food area had a nice selection although I tried to make only a small plate to save space for the selection of meats. Each cut of meat I received was amazing, with my favorite being the lamb. I do appreciate the effort that the servers make while trying to include the skin with each serving.

The desserts and coffee were a pleasant way to end the experience.

The interior of the restaurant is beautiful, sharp and comfortable. I just wish there was better lighting at the tables, it was hard for me to take photos but that doesn’t take away from the overall experience.

Great place, would visit again. My parents and brothers said this new location was up to par with the Napa location.

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