Paid to eat curry?!

Recently a buddy of mine sent me a survey link that was for people to taste curry and write a review based on their findings. It pays 4,000 yen, roughly $29 so I thought why not! I submitted an application and it was approved within a day or so, the company called me and my curry packet came in the mail the next day. I didn’t know what flavor it would be but it was a plant based faux meat package. I hadn’t tried this before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Here’s the whole meal laid out.

I don’t have a rice cooker or a pot yet so I had to buy a packet of rice. I’ll get a rice cooker someday!

Got the curry in there and got everything warmed up, looked good smelled good!

I had to take these pics as a part of the survey so I figured I would turn it into a little blog post while I’m at it.

I ate this while watching some youtube and I enjoyed it. The faux chicken was interesting but didn’t taste bad. I’m really curious how they are able to achieve such a similar texture. Would be cool to watch a discovery channel style “how its made” video.

Welp, it’s time to wash alllll these dishes haha. I’m supposed to get the money on August 10, I’ll try to update this post if/when the money comes in. If I randomly die in the next week or so, blame it on da curry!

August 10th update: I’m still alive and I got paid, immediately put the money on my train pass lol

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