Rollins Reservoir – Orchard Springs Campground

I told my boy Liam we HAD to camp this month no matter where it was!! Somebody from work had just camped here and I never have so I thought we’d give it a shot. The campground is still first come first serve for the time being so I figured a weekday one nighter would be perfect. It’s nice too since the campground is only a hourish from my house. Super convenient!

Liam met me at my house, we hit a couple stores, connected the boat and made our way to the campground. It was $30 a night and $9 a day for boat launch if I remember correctly. We had the whole boat launch campsite area to ourselves, there’s 5 sites down there.

First thing we did as we arrived was setup our tents, obviously!

My tent followed by the view from out site

The rig!

After getting setup we took the boat out for a little cruise.

Stumbled upon this cool & quiet cove where we just enjoyed the scenery for a bit. My little boat is so much fun, not fast, not pretty, not fancy but I love it. Does exactly what I need and it has had some nice fish in it. Okay it could be faster but it’s still quicker that kayaking.

We got back to the site and we were ready to eat! Before we got dinner going we had to have a couple s’mores lol

I made sure to keep my tent open all day cause I love bugs.

The usual tacos were on the menu for dinner. So simple, so delicous.

Little post dinner snooze

After dinner we went back out on the boat for some sunset fishing but didn’t catch anything, no worries, we caught a beautiful sunset!

The next morning we had some breakfast tacos before rolling out. We were going to fish in the morning but we were definitely not prepared for the 43 F degree weather. We both woke up early and without even speaking to each other we knew fishing wasn’t gonna happen based on temperature lol

Cheers to the next trip!

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