weekend photo dump – bay area, ca

For the first time in a while I spent a couple days in the bay area visiting family and friends at a leisurely pace.


I met up with my friend Suzie to grab dinner and take photos in Santana Row, San Jose. I’m obsessed with my car even more now that it has under glow, ricer.

We had dinner at Ozumo. It was pretty decent.

After dinner with Suzie I went to go hang out with my friends Valentin and Alex for a little while until I went to my aunts house in San Jose to sleep.


The next morning after studying for a while I met up with Albert & his girlfriend Ivy at Albert’s parents house in Union City. I hadn’t seen his 240sx since it was painted so I was pretty hype! Ended up making this video while he gave the car some fresh air.

I don’t think anybody changes wheels on their vehicles more than Albert & I haha. We have a set of wheels for any occasion.

After swapping the wheels and letting Albert drive my Subaru around a little bit we went up the street to grab some milktea! I keep it simple with the flavors.


Later that evening I picked up my friend Sierra so we could grab dinner at this spot in Oakland that I had bookmarked for a while. It’s so weird to be able to eat out again, although not indoors but it’s still something.

Again, more subaru spam. Sorry not sorry.

We had reservations at Daughter Thai Kitchen which is under the same ownership as Farmhouse Thai Kitchen.

These eggrolls with the peanut plum sauce were soooo good, light, crunchy and sweet thanks to the sauce.

I think this was the Kang Kua Prawns dish

I had the Hat Yai Fried Chicken.

Pretty good experience with amazing flavors, I can’t wait until we are able to dine indoors again because I love when a place has nice decor.

The rest of the weekend I ended up hanging out at my moms house but I didn’t end up watching the superbowl.

I wonder when I’ll be in the bay area next…

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