Steak Quesadillas

This weekend for my new dish I chose something easy to make, ingredients were only about $23 too. I started to look up videos on youtube then realized this meal couldn’t be any easier to make so I just winged it. Went to my local mexican market to grab everything, including HUGE tortillas, think I’ll downsize next time for ease of handling.

All ingredients, pretty basic.

Gave the vegetables a hot rinse before cutting.

Once the veggies were cut I dumped the meat into the hot and ready pan.

Then the veggies went into their pan.

The quesadilla was so big I had to use an oven pan for a cooking surface, kind of overkill but it worked.

End result!

It tasted good and was super filling, after the first piece I was already starting to slow down. The meat was marinated shortly and I feel like it could have used more depth to the flavor. The habanero peppered tied in nicely adding a spicy overcast. Not pictured but used sour cream and poured some salsa with each bite. Cheap and easy meal! Would be a great appetizer with guest over.


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