Ground Beef Bulgogi

I haven’t really cooked anything interesting in a while, so here’s an easy recipe I tried out.

I had most of the ingredients, just had to grab a couple things from the store.

First thing I got started was the rice, just some jasmine rice. 1 cup.

10 chopped cloves of garlic, seemed excessive but worked out fine in the end.

1 whole chopped white onion, also seems excessive but worked out.

4 tbsp of low sodium soy sauce

2 tbsp of mirin

1 tbsp of plum sauce

2 tbsp of sugar

Then added a bit of freshly cracked pepper and salt

This is how it looked all mixed together, had to transfer to a bigger bowl

Got the pan hot with some vegetable oil and dropped everything in

Then chopped up some green onions to add once the meat was cooked

Finished off by adding sesame seeds and sesame oil

The final product!

Came out super tasty! I wish I had bought some kimchi, but I’ll just make it again sometime, I want to add egg next time too. So tasty I had two full servings haha.

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