Dinkey Creek Camping

This past weekend the gang met up for some Boiznivy pt.2 action. We ended up hitting this perfect dispersed spot along the creekside that had plenty room for all of us.

Here’s a peek of the drive into the site.

Following Albert in his new tundra!

A log caught the edge of Albert’s bumper so he ran this log over to get even haha

Omar brought out the G wagon, this truck is awesome and it’s my first time ever seeing a G wagon go off the pavement.

Here’s a shot of the main section of our camp setup

Albert making us some drinks and then cheffin it up.

Albert & Ivy ❤

Albert feeding me his meat *drool emoji* lol

Truman lost in his own world and Thanh chillin beside him

Some yummy pickled onions that Thanh prepared, he always brings the best food.


Some tea to start off day two, I was too lazy to make coffee haha

The creek next to our site was awesome and there was a really dope swimming hole where you could jump off the rocks. I didn’t get any photos over there cause I was scared of dropping my camera.

We set out to explore a bit and find some more swimming spots.

Albert & I about to make our way down the trail.

The lounge spot

Group pic using a rock as a tripod right next to the water! Super nervous aha

Thanh getting the perfect shot of Albert & Ivy

Next we went to head up to Bald Mountain which had a super GNARLY off road trail to the top. Bobby’s lexus surprised the hell out of me. I didn’t know his truck could take the obstacles relatively effortless. Has me shopping around on craigslist as if I need another project build!

Omar leading the way

Parked at the top

Not many photos this trip but we had an amazing time! Our camping group is really coming together, everything is always covered and I do my part by capturing the memories ❤

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