Mammoth Lakes area camping

This past weekend I went on a camping trip with some friends to the Mammoth Lakes area. The campground we stayed at was Sherwin Campground. I loaded up my subaru pretty well so I could bring all my gear and a couple toys. I made the 5 hour drive alone but I packed my car with the goal of keeping all the seats clear, which I mostly accomplished.

The first stop was made in Nevada, where I filled up the tank and the two 5 gallon containers. Premium gas was only $3.79 here, it was dope.

The drive was so beautiful, although I was having a tough time fighting the strong winds with the kayaks on top. I contemplated dumping the kayaks on the side of the road a few times haha.

My friends were at Little Hot Creek Hot Springs so I met them there. It was weird because I was only about 9 miles away but it said 25 minute drive. Once the road turned to gravel and then tight and bumpy I understood what it meant.

So glad we had enough phone service to communicate, I was able to let them know I was minutes away. My subaru earned a nice coat of dust after blasting down the dirt roads.

The whole gang!

Just one photo of the hot springs, I didn’t get in but yes, it was HOT.

We took this pretty cool road out and parked at the top of a small hill while waiting for one of our friends to meet up with us before going to get dinner.

My Subaru looking fresh out of a 2005 advertisement.

Morgan standing on the side of Alex’s new Tacoma.

We then made our way to Dos Alas for dinner with an AMAZING view. It actually looked fake.

This was our outdoor table with a green screen looking backdrop. I had to facetime my mom to show her cause it was just unreal.

A nice cold beer to enjoy after a day of driving bumpy roads.

We all kind of ordered the same thing, the Cubano sandwich. Alex recommended it and we were all so blown away by the quality of the meat and texture/crispy crunch factor of the bread. It had such a pleasant taste we all wanted to order another one just to relive the taste experience.

We saw a couple taking wedding photos so we had our own little mini photo shoot with Kendall sitting in a little chair. I really need a longer focal length prime lens… I’ll buy one sometime soon.

I parked alone at the restaurant but when I came back to my car and new outback XT parked next to me! It’s crazy how big they are now.

Here’s Ian and I parked at our site.

The next morning Alex and I went fishing at Convict Lake. Absolutely stunning lake with crystal clear water and tons of fish, though they were tricky to catch. I wanted to take my camera out on the kayak but the risk was too high. I ended up catching three rainbow trout but they were pretty small so I let them go. Trout are very fragile and don’t often make it once released but at least they’re bodies can turn into nutrients for the environment.

After fishing we went back to the campground to nap & chill for a while. Then we went on an adventure to watch the sunset from the highest possible point. I wanted to test the abilities of my subaru and it made it about 85% up the trail but on the last steep incline my car just couldn’t make it. I had to leave it parked in the bushes and hop in the 4Runner.

Alex enjoying a cold one in the wind.

His truck is so photogenic! Every time I go out with friends that have Toyotas my temptation to buy one grows stronger and stronger…

Here’s Suzie offering me a friendly greeting!

Yota gang

After enjoying the sunset at 10,000ft we made our way back to camp and had tacos. We all went to bed at a decent time so we could take off in the morning.

I feel like I didn’t take many photos this time but I took as many as I could. It seems like every post I make I say that same statement. I’ll have to figure out a way to fix that. Anyways, thanks for reading and see you on the next adventure!

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    1. The obxt has 225/65/17. I wish I went a little wider and a little taller tire but it does have rubbing issues. I cut out a lot of the front fender well plastic and removed the small mudflaps. It still rubs under full lock at low speed but I just ignore it. It has a 2”front 2.5” rear lift with multilink spacers from ADF


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