Bay Area weekend eats

While staying down in the bay for a couple days I hit up a few different spots.

First on the list was Mikuni in Concord, I’m not really a fan of chain sushi spots but this was the second location I have tried and I’m fairly impressed. I mostly judge off the temperature of the sashimi and this place had it just right.

I ordered the sashimi combo and rainbow roll, my mom ordered a mikey hand roll and spicy tuna roll. Of course I had to get the matcha tea to go along with it, since it’s what I’m used to in Japan. My mom got a lychee drink.

sashimi combo
rainbow roll
mikey hand roll
spicy tuna roll

For dessert my mom and I got some ice cream from Popbar. I got the pistachio bar with a milk chocolate dip and almond topping. The treat amazing since the ice cream had a dense consistency and the temperature was not bone chilling cold. Last time I had this kind of ice cream was maybe 4 years ago at Milk in San Jose.

The next night I got dinner at Star Anise in Milpitas. I don’t like going to places that have low review numbers, this place has 87 reviews at 4 stars. I don’t really trust that but went there anyways. My friend and I ordered two servings of the Mao Bao and one order of chicken egg rolls. The pork belly tasted just a little too salty and I don’t think there was any peanut sauce, also the bun was not steamed long enough I think. But it was still decent. The egg rolls were pretty good though. Not sure I would come back, I really miss the pork belly bao at Konjoe.

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