nara park 奈良公園

I met up with a new friend via the app HelloTalk this past Sunday and we decided to go visit Nara Park

It was really interesting to meet a stranger when there was a significant language barrier, especially to do a 2 hour car ride together. But luckily it went well and we were able to converse.

The drive up to Nara was really cool once we got into the mountains, I could just imagine doing fun risky activities on those roads. Also there was a ton of modified car shops on the way up there, I might need to do a shop visit whenever I get my Silvia down to Osaka.

After we parked the car and started our walk to the main part of the park I had to stop right away to get photos of these trees. It’s one of my favorite photos to take.

Here’s a good photo bomb by Sae. There were sooo many deer in this huge park, I’ve briefly seen this place online but never put much thought into it.

They had these snack packs for the deer for 200 yen and once you feed one they start flocking you haha.

We picked up some sushi in a really neat way I have never had before. It was tasty and light, of course I had to pair it with a milk tea.

I forget exactly what it was called but here is a clear image.

The sushi comes wrapped in a non edible leaf! I thought that was really cool.


This is how she felt after eating haha. I think it’s two thumbs up.

Here’s some ice cream to help the sushi go down. Tasted amazing and I spilled some on my shirt and mask lol.

No more middle finger, the ice cream must have been good!

How about a super rare photo of me!

Next was to check out the koi pond, it was pretty mediocre but still nice. There’s a certain pond I want to visit sometime this year, I won’t name it yet.

Next we walked towards this huge open field to relax after our long day, also we had to finally feed some deer!

More leaf pics though

Nom nom nom

3 deer staring at me and I only had one cracker left. Oh yeah, if you’re wondering, Sae and I did have a bite out of the cracker just to see, not so tasty haha.

We wrapped up the trip at the park and went to a small local spot for milk tea, mine was soooo sweet.

The lighting was so good on the way home! Wish there was some cool cars that were driving near us on the way back home.

Can you tell that I loved the lighting with the sunset.

Once we got back into Osaka the sun was gone. Few cool cars to end the post.

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