Ben & Kev Kutz💈✂️

So while living out here in England during this time of quarantine, myself and the people I work with have been left with no barber like many others out there. My boy and I came up with the idea to buy stuff to cut hair and just start doing it ourselves. We hit up amazon and tried to keep everything as simple as possible. I already bought the andis slimline pro li back in January so we didn’t need to buy an additional trimmer. We were pretty hype when the packages finally made it. My mom included a few extra combs when she mailed everything out. As you can see in the photo we decided to get the Wahl Magic Clip 5 Stars and Andis Shaver along with other typical barbering items.

The only training we had was courtesy of Youtube University so there was no promise of a decent haircut but we were super determined. I was the first one to cut hair and it didn’t come out too bad.

I was sweating during this entire haircut because cutting hair is so much harder than people make it look. Especially when it came time to trimming some off the top. I was fumbling the comb and scissors the whole time but made it work somehow.

Then below is the second cut I did, bald mid fade, came out okay but I gotta start somewhere.

Here’s Ben giving our buddy James a haircut

Heres another few photos of our gear

From these next few photos you can see how we turned my spare room into our very own little barbershop studio. The guy in the chair is my partner Ben.

We are really trying our hardest to produce quality haircuts, which is a real challenge.

We have been taking most of our photos with our phones, I’ll try to take more with the camera but we are usually pretty eager to get the haircut started.

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